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Head Case April 15, 2009

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Head Case by Sarah AronsonThis book tells the story of Frank Marder, a seventeen year old quadriplegic. Frank was a typical high school guy, into sports and girls, until the day of his injury, the day that he becomes, as he says, “a head.” He says that he is “a head” because he cannot feel anything below the neck at all. He used to be an independent teenager. Now he needs help with the most basic tasks, from eating to simply rolling over in bed.

Frank got injured when he drove drunk. On the way home from a party with his girlfriend Meredith, he got into an accident in which he crashed into a pedestrian and then lost control of the car and hit a tree. Meredith and the pedestrian died. Frank must deal with their deaths as well as his paralysis.

On the Internet, someone has started a site about the accident with a comments section. Many people who comment think that Frank is an evil murderer. Then Frank sees some postings from a person who posts as “Anonymous.” This person seems to understand what Frank is going through. Who is “Anonymous?” Will just a little bit of support give Frank the courage he needs to move on?

Discussion Questions:

Why do you think Frank’s relationship with his best friend Harry changed after the accident?

Do you agree with the people on the Internet that Frank should serve time in jail? Or do you agree with his attorney, that being paralyzed is punishment enough?

Who do you think the anonymous poster might be?

Frank says that he did not love Meredith. Do you think the situation or his feelings now would be different if he had?

Why do you think Frank agree to speak at his high school even though he knows what others think about him?


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