The Real Deal: Young Adult Book Club

My Life As A Rhombus April 7, 2009

My Life as a Rhombus by Varian JohnsonRhonda has a somewhat troubled past, but is completely focused on her tutoring and getting accepted to the college of her dreams.

Then, she has to start tutoring Sarah, who belongs to the popular crowd and the type of people Rhonda has sworn to never hang out with again.To make it worse (or better?) Sarah’s brother David is very cute and Rhonda has a crush on him.

Rhonda notices some things about Sarah that she herself went through and finally asks Sarah if she is pregnant.Through this shared bond, the two girls become friends. However, there is some turmoil between them.

Plus, David and Rhonda find out they like each other and start dating, but Rhonda’s past keeps cropping up when she has to deal with emotions and how she not only feels about David, but about other boys.

While having these boy issues, she also must somehow come to terms with her father and her feelings about him and his reaction to her pregnancy. How will she deal with David, Sarah, her friends, her father, and her own feelings about her past?

Discussion Questions:

Boys are mentioned throughout the story and have a significant impact on events. At school, they seemed lumped together into one category. How are these boys different? What are the reactions of David, Christopher, Johnnie to the news of Sarah or Rhonda’s pregnancy/abortion?A

After Rhonda’s abortion, her life changes. Her friends are very protective of her. In Sarah’s situation, she cannot tell any of her friends, not even her brother for a while.

What would your reaction be to finding out a friend of yours is pregnant? Which character do you identify with because of how they reacted to the pregnancy/abortion?

Why is college so important to Rhonda? Why is it important to her father? Are they similar or does Rhonda and her father have different reasons why college is important?

How does Rhonda escape stress and the pressures around her. What do you do to relieve stress and get away from the pressures in your life?

Other Works

A Red Polka Dot in a World Full of Plaid (2005)


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